Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

Family / Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

As a parent, there are some things your children do where you just need to laugh. It may not really be appropriate in the moment but as you think about it later, these moments DESERVE laughter.

And yes, some of this laughter may be at your children’s expense. Here is one example.

At least once a week my son will burst into tears and be suddenly inconsolable while eating. Huge tears will flow and my mind will jump to all kinds of reason why this reaction could have occurred. Bit tongue, bit cheek, kicked something…

But the real reason is usually the same. Why is he crying?

Because he bit his OWN finger. AGAIN.

Likely, he was distracted by his sister, a garbage truck (or some construction vehicle) driving by, or he was simply being silly, as 3 year old can often be. As a result, he lost what I think is a basic self-preservation instinct and CHOMPED down HARD on his somehow unassuming finger. Again.

The reaction is loud, sudden and severe. I immediately run to his side to ask what happened and console him.  In the  moment, it is not at all funny. It obviously hurts and tears of that size do not lie.

But later, when I tell my husband that it happened yet again?

We laugh. Sometimes it is just a chuckle and eye roll, but other times I am guilty of full on, tear-inducing, make your stomach ache laughter. I can’t help it.

Please don’t take this the wrong way; I never, ever, want my children to be in pain! There is nothing worse than watching them hurt. After laughing, my husband and I have an honest discussion about what on earth we can do to make this stop!

In addition to actively reminding him to pay attention while eating (during EVERY meal and snack), especially when he is getting silly, I have actually been praying that he won’t bite his own finger; there’s a strange thing to write in a prayer journal (I’m betting years later when I look back through the journal that those entries will induce laughter yet again)!

But seriously, this has been going on for months and months. I can’t understand how a person can continually put their own finger into their mouth and then be SO surprised, like his feelings are hurt that SOMEONE bit him. I mean, really, its absurd!

For me, it is funny, and a reminder that ‘common sense’ things are still LEARNED behaviors. I am grateful for his sweet little spirit, that I am his mom and that I get to watch him grow up (and hopefully SOON overcome this eating hazard). This type of guilty laughter removes stress, lifts my spirits and leaves me motivated to do my job better tomorrow.

These kids bring me joy in the strangest of ways…

Laugh today.


7 Replies to “Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh”

  1. I don’t think someone who has spent any length of time with a toddler would have a hard time finding something to laugh at. Yes, it’s usually at the child’s expense but it’s still really, really funny! My kids are full of them too!

  2. Youch, that can hurt.
    However, like you I agree that sometimes you just have to laugh. Sometimes, my boys get angry with me cause I am laughing at something they do not think is funny. Oh well, I have an odd sense of humor and it gets me through the day.

  3. Like Bill Crosby used to say “kids do the say the darndest things” if he could’ve just as well said “kids do the do the darndest things”

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