DIY Metallic Painted Coffee Beans

DIY / Thursday, August 21st, 2014

I recently stumbled across this picture of coffee beans that appeared to be painted.  I searched further, hoping for DIY instructions or at least where to buy some but was disappointed – it was just a photo with filters applied so the beans appeared blue.

Inspired by the photo, I was determined to recreate the look with paint and coffee beans. Initially, I thought spray paint would be best, but could not find metallic spray paint in the color I wanted. Instead I bought some metallic craft paint and decided to experiment.

DIY Metallic Coffee Beans are inexpensive, can be used to make a variety of accents, centerpieces, gifts and more. Even though I love the way they look, the best quality is they smell like coffee! Comforting, warm and homey.

Here are 4 good reasons to make your own: 4 Ways to Use DIY Metallic Painted Coffee Beans.

Happy Painting!

DIY Metallic Painted Coffee Beans


  • 10 oz Whole Bean Coffee – $3 (bought with a coupon, cheapest brand)
  • Metallic Craft Paint in color of choice (I used Folk Art Metallic Acrylic Paint in Aquamarine and Ice Blue) – $1.99 each
  • Foam tipped paint brush – $1
  • Plastic bowl, or disposable aluminum foil tray
  • Paper cup
  • Baking sheet lined with aluminum foil

Steps Used:


Start with 10 oz whole coffee beans
Start with 10 oz whole coffee beans
Metallic Craft Paint
Metallic Craft Paint

Pour coffee beans into a large bowl or tray

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil

Transfer paint to a paper cup

IF mixing paint colors together, stir to mix using a foam paint brush

I couldn’t find the color I thought I wanted, so I mixed 2 parts Iced Blue craft paint in 1 part Aquamarine craft paint. In the end, the mixed color was washed out so I ended up adding Aquamarine paint, without mixing to brighten the beans up.

Paint the Beans

Coat the foam brush with paint
Coat the foam brush with paint
Stir the beans with the brush
Stir the beans with the brush coated in paint
Add more paint and continue to coat the beans by stirring
Re-coat the brush, and continue to stir the beans
Stop when coated as desired
Stop painting when coffee beans are the desired color

Coat the bottom half of the foam brush with paint so it is coated, but not dripping

Transfer the brush to the bowl of beans and use the brush to ‘stir’ the beans

(The more you stir, the thinner the coating on the beans)

When it appears no more paint is being transferred, re-coat the brush, and stir again.

Repeat steps until the beans are coated with paint as desired

I coated with the mixed color paint first, but it wasn’t bright enough. I then switched to the aquamarine paint and re-coated the brush more often, stirring less for a thicker coating

Allow to Dry Fully

Transfer to a foil coated baking sheet
Transfer to a foil coated baking sheet

When the beans have the desired amount of color, transfer to the baking sheet and allow to fully dry

(Mix them up every now and again to expose them to air and speed-up the drying process)

Mine seemed to be dry quickly, but I allowed them to sit overnight on the tray just to be sure

Use them

Once they are dry, they are ready to use! Feel free to share how you use yours in the comments.


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