Of Course My 2 Year Old Wants Coffee

Family / Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Of course my 2 year old wants coffee | thisgratefulmama.com

One lovely morning, I sat on my front porch talking by phone with my sister. The sun was shining and I was enjoying drinking my morning coffee in peace. The kids were playing in the yard and our daughter meandered over to sit next to me. She proceeded to point at cars passing by and to bounce up and down while cracking herself up.

Then, she gave me a sly look, kneeled down, and decided she wanted to lick coffee out of my coffee cup.

Naturally, I removed the cup from the step.  You would have thought I pinched her. She dramatically threw herself onto the concrete and began to scream “I. WANT. Coffee!”

Toddler problems are serious.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her angry, tearless cry as I reported to my sister what caused the ruckus. As it turns out the 2-year-old need for coffee may be universal (at least to our family) because her daughter does the same thing.

Of course they want coffee! Kids are observant. They know what makes grown-ups happy.

And I must admit that coffee DOES make me happy on a regular basis.

I head straight for coffee in the morning. The kids know that little gets done before coffee is served. I know they see the content smile as I hold cradle the warm cup in my hands and smell it while it cools down. No matter how tired I am…coffee makes the morning better. A morning without coffee…well, any coffee-lover knows how that does.

The kids have seen a drive-thru cup of coffee MAKE. MY. DAY. And, when we go through the coffee drive-thru, they get nothing. But they can tell the grown-ups are getting a treat.

They also see adults having coffee with dessert. Who wouldn’t want something so closely associated with dessert?

My no-spill travel mug keeps coffee hot for 5 hours (yes, you need one of these!). Our kids see me clinging to it for dear life all morning when we’re out and about. Really, I can hardly remember life without coffee (probably because I was to sleepy to pay attention). In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure God made coffee with ME in mind.

Even at the age of 2, children already know the secret that coffee is a gift. A comfort. A grown-up cup of deliciousness.

However, they’ll have to wait. Everyone knows coffee stunts your growth. And of course, the caffeine would make them so hyper we might not make it. Seriously.

So my darling…no coffee for you. I understand your sadness because it would make me sad too.  It must be tough being 2.

Today I’m grateful I’m not 2…and for coffee.

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