A Ballerina 3 Year Old Birthday: A Homemade Ballerina Birthday Cake

Joyful hosting

Our 3 year old girl loves to twirl. I think she spends a quarter of her day spinning. So, when she saw one video of a ballerina, she was hooked. This made it no surprise that she wanted a ballerina birthday cake. Order one, right? Wrong. We have food allergies in our family and have trouble finding a bakery […]

March 28, 2016

He is Risen! – But We Must Have Faith To Claim Victory In Our Everyday Lives


He is Risen! Happy Easter!

March 27, 2016

12 Tips for Parents and Kids to Have a Great Daylight Savings Week


Daylight savings. It. Is. Coming. Changing clocks to maximize daylight hours seems like a good idea. Before kids, moving the clock wasn’t a big deal. Go to bed earlier, and sleep a little later…in a few days we forgot it ever happened. But then we had kids. Changing the clock creates a BIG problem for the little people in my life. […]

March 5, 2016