2018-2019 Printable First and Last Day of School Signs

Family / Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Need a first day of school sign? Free printables (Preschool, Pre-K, K-12, Freshman – Senior, Middle and High School) for the first or last day of school.

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Well, we did it.

We went out and bought all the school supplies for Kindergarten and Second Grade.

For some reason, the idea that school starts in 6 weeks suddenly felt urgent. We needed to get ready, right now.

It’s a little ridiculous. Now those school supplies will sit in the entryway closet collecting dust for over a month. But, since we’re done shopping for clothes and shoes, I feel like we can relax and enjoy what is left of summer.

Until the last minute.

It’s a little overzealous, but it does feel good to be done.

Plus, I did see one back to school photo on social media yesterday. Already! 

Call me sentimental, but I LOVE first and last day of school photos. There’s just something about kids in their favorite outfits, wearing giant backpacks, and grinning from ear to ear (or scowling in some cases) that makes me smile.

Kids seem to stand taller, as if they can’t contain the feeling that they’re older and more accomplished on these days. This seems true, especially on the last day of school when they’ve completed the big task of another school year.

Yesterday, I sat down and created a couple back to school signs for our kids to hold in their photos. Little man is starting second grade and Sunshine Girl is heading into Kindergarten (yikes!). Their signs are printed and sitting on top of those back to school supplies in the closet.

I’m a little crazy with the pictures on the first and last day. We take some with signs and some without. I always make the kids jump up and down or twirl, and run around like it’s the best day of their lives. I’m certain they won’t play along with this forever, so while it lasts – I’m getting as many as I can. I like how the photos of them holding signs clearly identify the day from other photos of kids in backpacks.

That said, it probably isn’t surprising that I take a lot of photos of kids in backpacks. Yep, I’m totally that camera-crazy mama taking pictures when the kids get of the bus all year long. 

Some of my favorite photos are taken as the kids hop off the bus and run down the street. These pictures capture their faces with stories of the day spilling out of their mouths as they run home. Just because a photo has a kid in a backpack on the front porch doesn’t mean it was the first or last day of school. There could be a hundred photos to choose from.

Disclaimer: this isn’t a call to keep up with the Joneses on social media. You won’t find any ‘Pinterest’ peer-pressure here. In short, don’t use a printed first or last day of school sign just because this blogger says she enjoys photos of her own kids holding signs.

Do you need a First Day of School sign or Last Day of School sign for your child? I’m guessing you do if you’ve read this far.

I’m here to help.

Scroll down to find a full set of free printable PDF signs for the 2018-2019 school year. Young or old, you’ll find the right sign for your child’s first and last day of School.

The beginning and end of the school year gets busy; hopefully using these will save you some time.

Just download and print.

For best results, print on white card stock with High Output Quality.

Happy first or last day of school!

First Day of School and Last Day of School Signs

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Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten

Free Printable First and Last Day of School Signs for 2018-2019 | thisgratefulmama.com

First Grade – Twelfth Grade

First and Last Day of School Signs for 2018-2019 | thisgratefulmama.com Pick from a wide variety of grades including Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten, 1st-12th Grade, Freshman Year - Senior Year and Generic 'School', Middle School and High School Signs. #free #printable #endofschool #lastdayofSchool #schoolyear #schoolphoto #photograph #photo

Freshman – Senior Year

First and Last Day of School Signs. Free Printables for Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten-12th Grade. Thisgratefulmama.com

School, Middle School and High School

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5 Replies to “2018-2019 Printable First and Last Day of School Signs”

  1. Elaine, what a sweet post. 🙂 I bought our school supplies a few weeks ago, and my boys go back in 9 days. SO hard to believe. One of mine usually plays along with first day of school photos, but my strong-willed one gives me a ton of grief. I am the mama, and I still insist on getting these photos. And I try not to overdo at other times. 🙂

    DO enjoy those fun photos of your kids while they’ll still cooperate! 😉

    Your printables are great!

    1. I will still insist when they resist as well! The years are short and the photos are precious memories! Even if I have to jump up and down and act like a crazy lady on the front stoop to get a grin. Enjoy the photos with your kids as well!

  2. Super cute but it appears your First Day of Fifth Grade is not working and it’s the only one I’m missing from my set!

    1. Hmm. I’m so sorry you are having trouble! It’s working on my end now. Could you try again? If it doesn’t work maybe we can find another way to get it to you!

  3. How kind of you to purchase and set up these photo signs for parents and kids! I always took photos of my kids whenever possible in these special moments. I hope you got some great pics! Before you know it you will be printing out those end of year signs! God bless you and your family.

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