Equipping Children to Battle Nighttime Fears Printable Resources

Faith, Family / Friday, December 28th, 2018

Download free printable resources to equip your child to battle nighttime fears. Increase your child’s Bible vocabulary by learning who God is, what He has done and will do, and what God’s Word says.

Using ABCs to Battle Nighttime Fears

A few weeks ago, I shared how our family has been using the ABC’s to equip our son to battle frequent nighttime fears. We think of a word for each letter of the alphabet by recalling who God is, what He has done, and what His Word says.

To read our story of nighttime struggles and see an example of the answers our 8-year-old son has given, read Equipping Children to Battle Nighttime Fears.

Using the ABC’s to battle fear is one way we can teach our children to remember what they’ve learned about God and apply those truths to a real life problem. Fear.

Getting Started

The biggest barrier to getting started is vocabulary. We don’t want thinking of words for each letter to be so frustrating (for you or them), that the process loses effectiveness at offering peace. Especially in the middle of the night when you’d all like to go back to sleep.

At school, our kids learn new words to help them understand concepts being taught. Spelling and vocabulary lists are intentionally made and timed to ensure kids can understand new lessons in math, science and history. Without the proper vocabulary, confusion and frustration are sure to characterize the learning process.

The truths of God are no different. We all need to learn ‘spiritual’ or Bible vocabulary, just as much as we do for standard school subjects.

Teaching our kids words that describe who God is, what He has done and will do, and what God’s Word says takes time. A life time, actually. Even as an adult, my own Bible vocabulary is still growing. I’m sure yours is too.

As we take time to introduce and talk with our kids about the meaning of words in Scripture, we build a vocabulary of eternal importance and value.

It takes time. A lifetime, actually. But as we take time to introduce and talk with our kids about the meaning of words in scripture, we build a vocabulary of eternal importance and value. #thisgratefulmama #spiritualvocabulary… Click To Tweet
Free Printable Resources to Help Your Child Battle Nighttime Fears | ThisGratefulMama.com | Printable ABC Scripture Cards and Bible Vocabulary List for equipping children to battle nighttime fears. #fear #nighttime #children #parenting #scripture

ABC Scripture Verses

When we commit scripture to memory, it becomes readily available in our minds. We can’t memorize scripture without dwelling on it. As we think on things of God, He changes our thinking, slowly conforming our thoughts, words and actions to reflect His Son.

Helping our children learn God’s Word can help them begin to think in ways that honor God. And, as you help your children memorize scripture, God can help you apply the same scripture to your life.

The ABC Scripture Verses printable has 26 verses, each categorized by:

  • who God is
  • what He has done and will do
  • what God’s Word says

Please don’t be overwhelmed by the number 26. Start with one verse and see how it goes. To help you live out Deuteronomy 6, Pick a few times during the day to practice it together and talk about what it means.

As you and your child become familiar with these verses, the vocabulary will become easier to recall. Now, you don’t have just a word for each letter in the list, you can talk about what that word means and why it can help with fear.

Begin taking time to read and learn the verses together, or to keep the stack by your child’s bed to look through when you get stuck.

Of course, these verses aren’t the only verses that that can help with fear! Think about verses that have helped give you peace in your own struggles. As you come up with verses, keep a running list, or write them on index cards to refer to later.

Printable resources to increase your child's bible vocabulary | thisgratefulmama.com #bible #vocabulary #educateKids #faith #god #resources #freeprintable

Increasing Bible Vocabulary

In addition to ABC Scripture Verses, is the ABC Bible Vocabulary List. This is a large list of words to build your family’s spiritual vocabulary.

Next to each vocabulary word, is a scripture reference. With the reference, you can look at the verse the word was chosen from, and the context in the whole of scripture. While you can look up the references in any Bible version, there may be variation of the word used between versions. These words and references were chosen using the English Standard Version (ESV).

We have the privilege of helping our children learn to apply God’s Word to their problems.

Using the ABC’s to recall truths about God isn’t the only way to battle fear. And fear isn’t the only battle that can be fought with God’s truth. This is a transferable tool, helping to train our minds on God, not our problems, fears, or overwhelm.

This list and references can help you and your child extend this beyond fear to whatever problem they are facing. God’s Word is always applicable to our lives.

Most importantly, we can help guide them to take all the information about God to their hearts.

It’s a pretty amazing experience to demonstrate and help them apply God’s Word to their own lives. Especially when they start applying it on their own.

Increase your child's Bible vocabulary by learning who God is, what He has done and will do, and what God's Word says. Free printable resources. ABC Scripture Cards and ABC Bible Vocabulary. #thisgratefulmama #parenting #resources Click To Tweet

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  1. The ABC Scripture Verses can be a great resource for people of all ages, not just children! Anyone battling fears or anxiety could benefit from thus methodology and tool. Thanks so much for sharing!

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