Finding God in the Ordinary of Motherhood

Faith, Family / Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Do you struggle to find God in the ordinary days of motherhood? You’re in good company! We can find Him together.

Today, I’m honored to be a guest writer for To Unearth. To Unearth is a website founded by Emily and Christie. Their mission is ‘to unearth the truth rooted in the ordinary‘ and to help you ‘find the exceptional in the ordinary’. I hope you’ll spend time exploring the great articles and content on their site. If you do, I expect you’ll find a new blog to follow!

Ordinary Days

The Minnesota winter days feel long and repetitive. Especially with 5 days of cancelled school due to extreme cold and snow. Yesterday, a new record for snowfall in the month of February was set, which is impressive for a state as snowy as Minnesota.

This month has demanded lots of time indoors due to inhospitable conditions outside. Four snow days in one week is a lot; with the extreme cold temperatures, it was like spring break, only without the spring. And trapped inside.

Four snow days in one week is a lot; with the extreme cold temperatures, it was like spring break, only without spring. And trapped inside.#polarvortex #momlife #findingGodintheordinary Share on X

With this going on, there couldn’t have been a better time to write about finding God in the ordinary days of motherhood. Ordinary days of motherhood is exactly where I was living, 24/7. In all honesty, I was struggling. My attitude stunk.

A New Perspective

In looking for ways to find God in the mundane, God gave me an attitude adjustment. Instead of fixating on my immediate circumstances, He lifted my gaze to fix my eyes on Jesus. And gave me an eternal perspective. I’m so thankful Emily and Christie thought of me and trusted me to write an article for their site.

If you’re having trouble spotting God in the midst of these ordinary days, you are in good company! We can find Him together.

A Polar Vortex recently trapped our family, inside, together. The Minnesota winter has a way of magnifying the demands of motherhood. Days feel chaotic and monotonous all at once, and I struggle to find God in the ordinary…

Head on over to To Unearth to read more! Then I hope you’ll come on back and share your thoughts!

Finding God in the Ordinary of Motherhood | #motherhood #momlife #faith #findingGod #ordinary #mundane

9 Replies to “Finding God in the Ordinary of Motherhood”

  1. Well thought out! I once asked a stay-at-home dad what he found most difficult about being a stay-at-home dad. Being a little counter-cultural, I expected some deep revelation or cultural prejudices he had to overcome. Nope. His difficulties? The monotony. And he’s so right, and you’re so right. It’s in the monotony, the everyday, the very unexciting and not glamorous where God lives. Thanks for re-opening my eyes to that!

  2. This was AWESOME, and the ending, “No day is ordinary in the presence of the extraordinary God”… YES, amen! Thank you so much for this, Elaine! You are so right.

  3. I’m finding baby life mundane right now… my infant is so demanding. My others would play by themselves with toys – not this one. She wants to be held or played with every waking moment. Truly.

    And yet, as I have grown and learned to lean on Christ I see how my perspective is changing on the baby. Instead of my own self-ish frustrations when she’s fussing, I’m able to put myself aside & consider what she is going through.

    It does feel like I have to choose to adjust my attitude several times a day though. I guess what I am seeing in the “ordinary” is how much I need to receive and give grace and mercy.

  4. I love this! It can be so easy to put God aside when life is “mundane”. I have to remember to be grateful even when I’m doing tasks that feel repetitive and not fun.

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