Quiet Time Ideas for Busy Moms

Faith, Family, Practice Gratitude / Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Do the demands of motherhood make it hard for you to consistently spend time with God? Read on for 15 practical and creative Quiet Time ideas for busy moms.

Recent current events have increased the ‘togetherness’ in our homes. Activities, school, church, sports, play dates and more have been cancelled. This season will eventually pass, but is not without challenges.

My normal routine has been uprooted. Has yours?

We are learning the difference between homeschooling and distance learning, self-quarantine and shelter in place, and more. Furthermore, we are setting up new work spaces, devices for distance learning, and basements for gym class. This season requires flexibility and creativity from all.

In our house, a husband working from home and the elimination of children’s activities led by others has made alone time scarce. Admittedly, the amount time I usually spent on devotions, prayer and Bible Study has shrunk. We are juggling the mix between inundating ourselves with bad news which leads to worry while trying to stay informed and prepared.

Perhaps now, more than ever, our daily quiet time is needed most.

Perhaps now, more than ever, our daily quiet time is needed most. What is a busy mom to do? #momlife #quiettime #strategies #faith Click To Tweet
Strategies for busy moms to stay in God's Word | thisgratefulmama.com #busymoms #momlife #devotions #tips #faith

Our Biggest Need

Moms navigating new challenges, hearing lots of bad news, and being ‘on’ serving our family 24/7 need Jesus. In fact, while we need Him all the time, most of us need to go to the well more than usual. Without receiving God’s grace, resting in His love and recognizing our own need for forgiveness, we lack the very things we need to serve our families and cultivate our own relationship with God. Without regular connection, we step out in self-reliance.

I don’t know about you, but self-reliance never seems to work for very long before things get real messy.

Self-reliance never seems to work for very long before things get real messy. #reallife #faith #wordbeforeworld Click To Tweet

This introvert desperately craves alone time to recharge. But alone time isn’t happening as much. Honestly, the first week of extra togetherness wasn’t pretty. Every time I sat to read my Bible, pray or work on my Bible study lesson, there was an interruption. Snacks, squabbles, spelling, snuggles and more snacks demanded my attention. Without the dedicated time I was used to taking with the Lord and my resistance to adapting to what my situation required left me feeling spiritually dry.

Interrupted Routines

Instead of asking God into my day and asking Him how to use the time, I tried to fit my rigid schedule and preferences into a ever-changing circumstance. A circumstance, I might add, that none of us expected or can control. We are all adjusting. All missing our friends and getting out.

I want to be the mom who welcomes interruption. Are you? I’m not proud to admit that interruption tends to leave me wrestling with feelings I don’t want – annoyance, frustration, sadness. As if something is being taken from me.

Those feelings festered beneath the surface until those now pent-up and ugly feelings came out sideways at my family over dinner. I’m thankful God has given me a less-emotional husband; he gently but firmly banished me to our room to take some time alone. He knew what i needed even though I wasn’t good at asking for it.

Time for a New Plan

It was there, in the quiet of our room that I wasted 10 minutes watching silly Facebook videos that lightened my mood but still left me spiritually empty. Knowing what i needed, I cracked open my Bible. Instead of reading the Psalm before me, I began praying, pouring out the ugliness and frustration, I confessed my regret, sheepishness over my behavior, and my desperate need for help.

What a kind and generous God we have! Like only the perfect Father can, He met me where I was. Forgave. Consoled. Encouraged and equipped. It became clear that I needed to surrender ‘my time’ to Him and get creative.

In this season, time with God usually doesn’t look like it did before. And that’s ok. If you are also struggling to find a new rhythm and to surrender your old routine, I hope to give you a few options to stay in the Word and connect with God in a different way.

God is faithful. He will meet you right where you are too.

Practical Quiet Time Ideas for Busy Moms | thisgratefulmama.com #quiettime #devotions #busymom #momlife #quarantinelife

Practical Ideas to Help Busy Moms Stay in the Word

Listen to the Bible

These days, there are lots of ways to listen to the Bible. Listen in the car, while cleaning, or taking a walk. Your kids can listen too and we can all trust that God’s Word goes into their hearts, even when it’s just being read to them. A few resources I’ve found helpful are listed below.

Daily Audio Bible: The Daily Audio Bible app is free and is a great resource with a daily reading from Psalms/Proverbs and a passage from another book of the Bible.

You Version Bible: Another option is to listen to the audio option on the You Version Bible.

Listen to or Watch a Sermon

So many churches are adapting to social distancing and are learning to live-stream services. You can likely find your church’s sermon, or explore other churches. Be sure to check out their statement of faith before listening to their teaching, and as always, test everything against scripture for yourself!

Color Scripture Pages

Our kids love when I sit and color with them. They have some amazing scripture-based coloring books with God’s Word woven into detailed designs. I’ve found that some days, I can sit shoulder-to-shoulder with our daughter while reflecting on a scripture verse and praying quietly to the Lord. Coloring is also therapeutic after a long day when the kids are in bed too!

Worship Music

Whether it’s piano hymns playing softly in the background or praise music, music can set the tone of our homes and our hearts. Use it to keep your mind fixed on Jesus, and pray along with the songs.

Subscribe to Verse of the Day

If you end up with your phone in your hand during the day, it can be helpful to sign up for the NIV Verse of the Day from Bible Study Tools. It’s amazing how one verse can trigger reminders of God’s faithfulness, things you’ve learned, and how you’ll remember it later in the day when you need it.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

As you see God working and recognize His provision, comfort and peace in your day, keep a record. Whether you keep a piece of paper on the counter or keep an actual journal, having the list will keep your thoughts fixed on God and help you stay connected.

Memorize Scripture

Memorizing scripture gives us tools for the unexpected and expected challenges of daily life. Especially a life of togetherness. Choose verses that give you hope, help you flee temptation, bring comfort and fight fear. What will be your first verse? Save it on your phone lock screen or computer screen saver. Then write it on sticky notes and place them in strategic places.

As many of us hunt for simple lessons and activities to fill the days, memorizing scripture with our kids has eternal value! Not sure where to start? Recite them together at meals. Write them out as part of the school day for practice printing or writing cursive. You can even sing them! Seeds Family Worship has free songs for verses that you can follow along with all year long. Our family is starting with Psalm 1:1-3.

Your One Thing

What is your greatest need today? Without a doubt, what I need most is Jesus. I need His power over sin and to fight selfishness. Furthermore, I need to receive His lavish grace, generous forgiveness, and steadfast love so I can give grace, forgiveness and love to my family. We are all in this house together. A lot! And that togetherness means things get messy. Sometimes angry. Often at unexpected times.

Make the commitment to lay the day and it’s expectations, to do list and worries down at the feet of Jesus. Pray before your feet hit the floor. If this means the baby cries for a minute or two, so be it. Start the day by making Jesus your ONE THING and hit the ground running with His Spirit filling and equipping you and His armor on.

Subscribe to an Online Devotional

Having a devotion delivered to your email inbox can help you remember to pause and have your quiet time. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out what your church or a local church near you has to offer. Or, try Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragement for Today. You’re sure to be blessed.

Set a Timer

Whether you kids are young or old, you can set a timer. It doesn’t guarantee uninterrupted time. But it’s likely that as you repeat the process day after day, that the kids will get on board. Send them to separate rooms, couches or piles of blankets and pillows to read or look at a kids story Bible or devotional. Ask older children to spend some time reading to little ones. The Jesus Storybook Bible or is sure to encourage your heart as well. Children’s devotional. Limit your expectations, but keep at it. Add it to the regular schedule and take time to talk about what you read or prayed about. Pray together!

Pray Through the House

Whether you’re cooking, folding laundry or cleaning floors, spend some time praying for the people who made the mess and live in your home. Pray for your own attitude and heart as you serve your family. Once you start with your family, God will bring others to mind, including yourself!

Stash Your Supplies

Where do you have a few minutes of downtime? Is it at the kitchen table while your kids do their next school lesson? Or maybe at the counter while food is cooking? Place your devotional, a Bible or verse cards where you are most likely to have a few moments to spare.


Seriously. I’ve actually done this. Yesterday I stuck my children in front of their tablets on the couch together and hid in our office. Where else can you hide? Garage. Van. Outside. Any bedroom. Closet. If you can fit, you can hide! If hiding works, that’s another great place to stash your supplies.

Will anyone else admit that they literally hide from their family to have their quiet time? Give us some ideas and share your favorite hiding place. #momlife #quarantine #faith Click To Tweet

Schedule and Enlist Help

If you or your spouse are working from home, try scheduling each other into the day. Try blocking out time on your calendar so you can have your quiet time and additional time for your spouse to have theirs. Or, schedule a video call with grandparents who can visit, read books or play a game with your kids so you can have some quiet time.

Stay Connected to Community

Accountability is a powerful tool and we need people to encourage us to be in God’s Word and challenge us when we’re not. Who can you partner with? Once you find someone, start a prayer text or email stream. Or, if you can, join an online Bible Study. Many local churches are getting very creative with steaming not only sermons, but their programming. There are also studies that meet in closed Facebook groups.

What Ideas Do You Have?

We’re all in this weird season together. Share what is working best in your home in the comments!

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