Expecting A Convenient Child Is Like Forcing A Square Peg To Go Through A Round Hole

Family, Gratitude

Gone are the days when children are seen and not heard. And good riddance! That is not what I want for them. I love their playful silly giggles and how they break out into song, intermixed with their own ad-hoc lyrics. They approach the world with curiosity, surprise and awe, expecting joy and delight. A child […]

March 6, 2015

Too High or Too Low…Beware of Setting Irrational Holiday Expectations (and 6 Tips to Maintain a Realistic Mindset)

Joyful hosting

When we get excited for a holiday, it’s important not to have irrational expectations of friends and family. Tips for a realistic mindset. We’ve all done it. We develop expectations of our children, friends, family and of events only to be disappointed. It could be an event we’re attending, or one we’re hosting. It starts […]

December 19, 2014