A Sweet Baby Girls Room

I’ve been wanting to share our baby girl’s bedroom since before she was born.

She’s 10 months old.

Procrastinate much?

I guess she’s still a baby…it still counts, right?

Decorating a baby girl room is so fun, but I also find it more challenging than a boy’s room. So much girl stuff seems overly gaudy – with more frills than this mama could handle.

I was shocked by how expensive baby bedding can be – so much money for such tiny things! Many sets come with accessories you don’t plan to use, and who wants to pay for that?

It took hours of searching online to find the Babyletto In Bloom bedding – sweet and girly, but not frilly. I love the combination of coral and navy. If you like it, shop around. It comes in different combinations of accessories, and is carried by quite a few stores. (I snagged mine for about half the price at Kohls using a 30% off coupon and a Kohls Birthday $10 off reward)

Crib and Artwork

Now for artwork.

ABC Photo1

First, we used the Etsy ABC digital artwork we already purchased for our other daughter’s Ballerina and Flamingo Bedroom.






All Gods Grace 2All God’s Grace Wooden Sign from Hobby Lobby when we found out we were pregnant (Always, always use a coupon or buy on sale at Hobby Lobby).

Every time I look at it, it makes me smile.





Ok. Enough money spent! Now for some free stuff.

You guys, there are SO many free printables online from amazing and talented bloggers, photographers and graphic designers.

Amazing stuff.

Just look at what I printed and framed at home!

You are Capable 1

This You are Capable of Amazing Things printable from BrePurposed is adorable and really compliments the In Bloom bedding. She has many more beautiful options to choose from.






Changing Table ArtYou can’t go wrong with the Psalm 4:7 and 1 Peter 1:6 printables from Danielle Burkleo.

So pretty!

I also love her Bless The LORD Oh My Soul printable and may still frame it to use somewhere else in the house. She has so many fun options, for boys, girls, or anywhere in your home.



Baby Bedroom2

We love how the bedding, decals and artwork look together, and Audra sure seems to like it.

baby girl


Pink, Sequins, LIGHT UP Shoes

I’m not much of a girlie-girl. Frills and pink just aren’t my thing.

While I like to get dressed up once in a while, my taste is simple. I own a few pink items, but blue, gray and black dominate my wardrobe. I’m not much for jewelry so when I have it on – people notice – not because its amazing but because it is so uncommon for me to wear it.

It’s not surprising, then, that when our daughter was born her room was decorated in brown, green and cream. Still sweet. Still feminine. But not pink. And her clothes? She has pink hand-me-downs and gifts, but I had personally never bought her pink clothing – until recently.

While I may not choose pink for her, I have no intention of forcing my taste on her. 

I want her to be who SHE is – not who am.

And trust me, this child has her own taste.

All PINK. All the time.

And sparkles? Jewelry? O yes. She gravitates towards the pink-est, sparkly-est things.

She delights in them.

I delight in her joy.

Joy looks good on her. And I’m all about fostering more joy.

Scouring garage sales for clothes and shoes in May, I came across a pair of shoes that broke my former no-pink shopping code.

They are all-girl. Pink. Covered in sequins.

Pink Light Up Sequins Shoes

They meet the only criteria I require – the right size, and velcro.

And they were in great, almost new condition. For fifty cents.


I sighed and smiled as I bought them, thinking about how she was going to laugh and squeal when she saw them. Oh yes, she giggles and laughs over clothing and shoes every single day. She puts on and takes off clothing all day. For fun. A pile of clothes is a perfect activity for her.

It’s just IN her – she didn’t learn it from me!

As I tossed the shoes in the car, I could only laugh when they LIT UP. And when I say laugh, I mean, an all-out, uncontrollable cracking-up-by-myself-on-theside-of-the-road laugh.


They are pink, sequins, LIGHT UP shoes.

Perfect for one joy-filled, 2-year-old, sunshine girl.

As expected, she squealed and giggled when she saw them. She put them on and refused to take them off.

When she finally stomped and noticed the lights – there was an all-out belly laugh and a silly happy dance.

SHE lit up. And still does. Every. Single. Time.

They may not be my taste but since they’re hers – they’re growing on me.

They’re the gift that keeps on giving, generating smiles, giggles and happy dances with every step.

sunshine girl

A little light-up joy never hurt anyone.

Maybe I need a pair.

Do you?