DIY Mudroom Bench and Locker Reveal

Months ago, our winter organization project started with a bunch of common boards. After gluing, staining and sealing, they became our DIY Mudroom Bench.

DIY Mudroom Bench and Locker Reveal |

Finally, today is the big reveal of what we did with that bench.

Mudroom Lockers.

These lockers were a desperately needed storage and organizational solution for the room that was constantly in chaos.

The bench is just over 7 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep. Five lockers were made that are each about 1.3 feet wide. The lockers are just over 8 feet tall from floor to molding.

Here are some in-process photos of the basic lockers before and after painting, caulking and finishing border edges.

DIY Mudroom Bench and Lockers Reveal | Photo with bins

To give the room a clean, fresh look, we painted the mudroom door and walls.

DIY Mudroom Bench and Lockers Reveal | Door painted in Glidden Graphic Charcoal.We chose a dark color for the dirty-looking white door. It was impossible to keep the white door clean with all the tiny dirty hands and shoes that pass through it.

This was my first time painting a 6-panel door so I asked for advice at the store. Home Depot recommended this high-density foam roller to ensure a smooth finish. It worked great!

Since we painted the interior and exterior of the door, they recommended Exterior Flat (paint and primer in one) in Glidden Graphic Charcoal. One quart was more than enough for two coats on both sides of the door.

I am so glad we painted the door – we added a sand box to our yard this month and this color really hides the dirt!

Mudroom and Painted DoorThe walls were painted using Glidden Sea Spray in flat finish. It gives such a bright, cheery feel to the room!

To maximize storage space in the lockers, we purchased fabric Pillowfort Striped Bins from Target in Navy and Aqua to store hats and mittens above each locker. For storage of shoes below the bench, plastic was needed for easy cleaning. Thankfully Target carries the white ITSO Plastic Storage Bin – a perfect fit with a great price of just $6.99 per bin.

I’ve shared my love of indoor/outdoor rugs in hard-working spaces beforewho doesn’t love a rug with instructions to clean with a garden hose?

The Arlo Indoor/Outdoor Rugs from Crate and Barrel are a great solution for mudroom floors. We purchased one 2.5’x8′ runner for the doorway and one 5’x8′ rug to use in front of the lockers. They are easy to clean and look great in the space.

For a final touch, we added the Umbra Wall Organization Board, Half Chalkboard & Half Pin Board to the wall.

Chalk Board

Our DIY Mudroom bench and lockers have transformed a once chaotic and messy mudroom into a functional space for our family.

This is one of the most beneficial DIY projects my husband and I have done yet.DIY Mudroom Bench and Locker Reveal |

We love our Mudroom lockers. And the fact that they were made together makes them even more special.

Memories of working on this project with my husband will be here with the lockers for years to come.


A Multi-Purpose Solution: Quick DIY Two-Color Painted Storage Crate

A Multi-Purpose Solution: Quick DIY Two-Color Painted Storage Crate |

So I had these two problems that seemed unrelated…

Problem One:

We’ve been having a bit of a storage problem in our house. I bought this cloth basket with the intent of using it for either library books or blankets. I’ve tried using it for many things, and have stuffed many-a-library book into it.

Not Big Enough

Unfortunately, it is simply not big enough to really be functional – even though I wish it was.  So, it has been demoted to hold kids dress-up clothes until I find another functional use for it.

Back at square one, I am still in need of a storage solution to put under my living room end table for books or blankets.

Problem Two:

I like to use beverage dispensers when I host a large gathering – but I have no stands. I am always scrounging around before we host…for something, anything, that will raise the dispensers off of the counter.

Why not buy one? The sticker shock. Not only are they expensive,but they also serve no other purpose and take up space in my kitchen cabinets. They are not used often enough to justify it.

All that scrounging around for a solution always yields no results and I end up with the spigots hanging off the counter, with beverages dripping onto the floor.

Wet socks…sigh.

SO what do these two problems have in common? The solution.

Last week, while preparing to host a wedding shower, I stumbled upon this pin from The Better Half. Cleverly, they used a painted crate for a beverage station. Not only does the crate save me from floor puddles and lift the dispensers so they can be used, it also provides storage for the cups below – saving valuable counter space!


On the same day (oh yes, this project was meant to be), the email title Easy DIY Library Book Crate from This Abundant Life caught my eye.

In a span of just a few minutes an inexpensive, multi-purpose problem solving solution was born – only I wanted mine to have two colors.

Lucky me, the unfinished wood crates were on sale and even less using a coupon at JoAnns. I bought the cheapest acrylic craft paint I could find ($0.69 per bottle) in two colors, and the project was funded and completed for under $10.

I used 2.5 bottles of white craft paint, and a half bottle of yellow. White paint was used as a primer below the yellow (becuase as I mentioned, I bought cheap paint and had no idea how well the yellow would cover).

A Multi-Purpose Solution: Quick DIY Two-Color Painted Storage Crate |

It took an hour to paint two coats, and then just a few minutes to seal it.

The painted crate was sealed with leftover indoor/outdoor Urethane sealer from the DIY Outdoor Vertical Stencil-Painted ‘Believe’ and ‘Grateful’ Sign I made this winter. Now the paint is protected from condensation on the dispensers, and won’t come off on the carpet.

I love a solution that solves more than one problem.

Beverage Station:

A Multi-Purpose Solution: Quick DIY Two-Color Painted Storage Crate |

Book Storage:

A Multi-Purpose Solution: Quick DIY Two-Color Painted Storage Crate | thisgratefulmama.comLibrary Book Storage

Blanket Storage:

A Multi-Purpose Solution: Quick DIY Two-Color Painted Storage Crate |



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