6 Truths For A Mama-Attitude Adjustment When Our Work Feels Unnoticed

I'm a Work in Progresss, Practice Gratitude

At times, much of my work as a stay at home mom feels unnoticed. IT leaves me in a funk. Even moms need an attitude adjustment. Some jobs are never done. The laundry never ceases, meals do not make themselves and dishes, beds, and bathrooms will be used and require cleaning. And the toys! Here is one […]

March 23, 2015

I Chose To Stay Home With My Children – Not To Throw Away My Career

I'm a Work in Progresss

As I left my job almost two years ago, the words of a trusted co-worker rang in my ears: “If you want to come back, you better find part-time work or a way to make yourself appealing to employers or you won’t be able to find a job”. Last fall, out of the blue, another co-worker […]

January 23, 2015