Dinosaur Birthday Party Tails, Party Hats and Favors

DIY, Joyful hosting / Friday, January 16th, 2015

DIY Dinosaur birthday party tails, spike party hats and party favors for a festive party that doesn’t break the bank. Great for little boys or girls!

I am excited to finally share the last special touches from our son’s dinosaur birthday party.

About a month before the party, I came across these DIY Dinosaur Tails on Pinterest. I was excited about the idea but lacking a sewing machine and the skills to actually make them. My mom is a talented artist and I knew she would be able to make them. I asked if she’d be willing to help me. She was excited and more than willing to help!

Let me first accurately describe what I really mean when I say my mom ‘helped’ (she’s amazing!):

  • she went with me to the store and helped pick out what to buy, and determine how much we needed
  • she clipped coupons and went through the checkout with half of the items so we could maximize use of coupons – most was 50% off
  • it was her idea to use patterned fabric
  • it was her idea to use two colors of felt to sew two sets of spikes on each dinosaur tail
  • she ironed the fabric, cut everything out, and made a pattern that maximized the use of our fabric
  • she sewed the tails (not only did I not have a sewing machine, but I haven’t used one since home economics in junior high)
  • she was gracious and willing to make 5 more tails after the initial 10 when ALL of the kids RSVP’d to the party…kind of like a dinosaur-tail sweat shop
DIY Dinosaur Tails, Dinosaur Spike Party Hats And Favors | thisgratefulmama.com

We are so grateful for the work of my mom’s loving and skillful hands! 15 dinosaur tails later…the result was a basket of very fun party favors.

DIY Dinosaur Tails

Along with a tail, every child had a dinosaur spike party hat to wear. This idea was also seen on Pinterest, and modified. I used store-bought polka-dot hats and cut the spikes from folded neon paper. The spikes were attached to the hats using double-sided tape.

DIY Dinosaur Spike Party Hats

Each child took home their own dinosaur tail and hat, along with a little bag of dinosaur party favors:

party favors collage

Here are a few pictures of my son and daughter in their tails (the day after the party), and one picture of the kids all dressed up at the party. It was very entertaining watching the kids run around and enjoying their tails and hats. I’ve heard from several parents that the tails are still being played with regularly by the kids who attended the party. Three months later and our kids use them every day – they are well worth the effort!

Dinosaur Party Fun

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  1. Hi! I really love your dinosaur party idea! I want to do Dinosaur birthday party for my son. Could you share tail mold? Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry, I wish I had one to share. What I can tell
      You is this-we folded the fabric in half first. The finished product is 21 inches along the bottom edge that was folded (just so you don’t have to sew that edge) and 23 inches along the top edge. Connect those two lines with a 10 inch line (that edge will connect to an oval end). The oval end is 7 inches tall, 6 wide (Add an extra inch or so extra to all measurements to allow for stitching). I know that’s not the same as a pattern but I hope it helps!

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