7 Reasons This Mama Wakes Up BEFORE The Kids

Faith, Family / Friday, April 17th, 2015

When moms wake up before kids, they have a chance to prepare for what they day holds. 7 reasons this mama wakes up before the kids.

Once upon a time, I was a natural morning person.

It was normal to wake before my alarm with a spring in my step, motivated to exercise, get ready and get to work early. That said, I wasn’t necessarily a ‘social’ morning person – I needed time to get my head on straight before attempting conversation.

Ready for the day, but only after being awake for an hour or two.

I purposefully went to work early to enjoy my coffee in peace while sorting through emails. By the time co-workers arrived, I was adequately caffeinated and focused. I planned my day but was able to be flexible. Like any day with kids, a day in my former job was rarely what I expected it to be.

Then, we had kids.

After 15 months of consistent and severe sleep deprivation due to a hurting baby, a semblance of sleep normalcy returned.  However, sleep has never been the same. In just the past month we’ve had all kinds of night-waking due to dirty diapers, coughs needing a nebulizer, bloody noses, wet beds, a cold or hot child needing different jammies or an extra blanket, illnesses, sore legs, itchy skin, teething, falling out of the bed, thunder storms (OR clouds that might storm), burned out night lights, children claiming they are not tired at 2 AM, and…sigh…I’m sure I’m missing something.

The result? I have admittedly become a sleep-worshipper.

Since having kids, I have admittedly become a sleep-worshipper. #thisgratefulmama #needsleep #momproblems Click To Tweet

Now, the idea of me being a morning person is downright laughable. 

Problem is, sleeping in until the kids wake me is not pretty. I greet those sweet joyful faces with an ill-prepared, impatient, attitude, still in the fog of sleep. You would think after two years of being home with the kids I’d have this figured out.

The truth is, I used to get up and prepare myself for my job. Staying home with our kids is no less of a ‘job’ than my previous employment. Staying in bed means I haven’t prepared at all – we all pay for it. In fact, I could easily argue that being mentally ready and prepared is even more important now because consequences are endured by our children.

I needed a new plan.

So, I’ve been experimenting with changing my routine to make myself into a morning person again. It’s time to be purposefully prepared…

I started ‘for the kids’, but in reality, it has been as beneficial for me as them.

Our kids get up between 7 and 8. Most days, it’s 7:30. By getting up at 6, I now have between 1 and 2 hours without kids.



To do whatever I want as the sun rises.

It is no exaggeration to call these mornings glorious.

Why? Here are 7 benefits I’m now experiencing. Not sure you can wake up that early? Start with just 15 minutes. Trust me, you’ll like it so much, you’ll want more. I’m actually considering getting up even earlier.

7 Reasons This Mama Wakes Up BEFORE The Kids | thisgratefulmama.com

7 Reasons This Mama Wakes Up BEFORE The Kids

1. Exercise

While I often feel like a glorified pack-mule, hauling bags and kids everywhere, usually the most aerobic exercise I get is a quick walk/run around the block.

As moms, we tell ourselves we’ll exercise during nap time. But who does that? Instead we end up cleaning or relaxing. If not first thing in the morning, it’s hard to fit exercise in, isn’t it? Getting up at 6 means not only do we have time to exercise, we can even exercise without interruption.

2. Quiet Time

If you’ve tried to read your Bible, pray, journal, or do anything that sounds like reflection in the presence of a 2 and 4-year-old, you know the result is endless interruption and likely frustration.

Getting up early allows focused time in the Word and in prayer. When we’re done, we can begin the day recharged and equipped for whatever comes our way.

3. Caffeine

What makes a peaceful quiet time even better? Hot coffee, and finishing the whole cup. Coffee after the kids are up is found on the counter by my husband when he gets home from work, cold and half-full.

Any other half-coffee drinkers? Getting up early can help you get an whole cup down. Plus, if you worked out, you can enjoy caffeine mixed with workout adrenaline in your system before the kids wake. When they do wake up, you’ll feel fantastic.

4. A Step Ahead

Staying in bed does means warm blankets and a slowly brightening room. It’s tempting, I know. But it also means when I hear crying and finally get up, I stumble bleary-eyed into our daughters room. She greets me with ‘Yucky’ and ‘Big One’ (you know what that means). After changing her diaper she points to her hair and says ‘knot’ because she twirls her hair and it is a rats-nest each morning. By now, her brother has joined us and is desperate for breakfast, and ready to burst into tears because I’m just not going fast enough. 

Even though we’ve just begun, mornings can feel like a rude-awakening. We go from the the bliss of a warm bed into a reactionary mode where we’re already one step behind. Waking early means we can be alert and ready to help our kids when they wake up with things they need now.

I usually have breakfast on the table so our son can go eat, preventing hangry whining; I call that sweet victory.

5. Planning

I love having a moment to plan the day before chaos begins. I might even pack snacks or the diaper bag before the kids get up. Plans may change, but I’m more likely to be flexible.

When we’re prepared, we can help the kids know what to expect so they are more likely to transition quickly, with a good attitude.

6. My Full Attention

Instead of being preoccupied, the kids have my undivided attention because I’ve already covered my bases.

When we’re even just a little organized and composed, we tend to be more patient, responsive, and less likely to frustrate them by being absorbed by something else or asking them to wait while we get our heads on straight.

7. Relationships

One of the greatest benefits of rising early is hearing the first noises our kids make. I can go in for morning snuggles before they fully wake up. Hands-down, this is worth every minute of forfeited sleep. It helps them wake with a smile. Another benefit is getting to see my husband before he leaves for work. A short conversation over coffee with a morning hug and kiss is delightful.

What would you get to benefit from by getting to soak up those special first moments of the day?

Ready to be a morning person?

7 Reasons This Mama Wakes Up BEFORE The Kids | thisgratefulmama.com

7 Replies to “7 Reasons This Mama Wakes Up BEFORE The Kids”

  1. So I really struggle with this. I want to get up before the kids, but I have such a hard time. I also have boys that get up around 6:00. As much as I want the quiet time for my devotions or a workout, the thought of waking up at 5:00 isn’t very appealing. Can’t wait for a more reasonable wake up time for the kids so I can do all of these things.

    1. I understand and had a similar comment from a dear friend this week. I think we all endure stages in life where this may not be feasible. Our son woke at between 5 and 6 am for his first two years of life (if he slept at all the first year). That is one reason why it took me 2 years after our daughter was born to start! This week my son has started waking at 630 with the sun coming up earlier. I’m going to buy some blackout curtains in hope that I can keep him down a little longer or maybe try pushing his bedtime back a half hour. Otherwise I’m going to go in and tell him he can read in his bed for 30 minutes and encourage him to read his bible and pray too (we’ll see how that experiment goes). Thank you for sharing!

  2. Absolutely loved this. I struggle with getting up every morning but Im transitioning into a SAHM in the next couple of weeks so this helps a lot. I definitely want to be a step ahead to avoid the chaotic mornings we normally have. Thanks for sharing!!

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