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Surrender is not a natural thing. We want control. We want OUR plans. We want our way. My way. This week presented two ‘possibilities’ that I basically have no control over. Sure, we have choices to make, but overall, these things are out of my control. These things surfaced at once, just as our family starts the […]

September 11, 2015

I Chose To Stay Home With My Children – Not To Throw Away My Career

I'm a Work in Progresss

As I left my job almost two years ago, the words of a trusted co-worker rang in my ears: “If you want to come back, you better find part-time work or a way to make yourself appealing to employers or you won’t be able to find a job”. Last fall, out of the blue, another co-worker […]

January 23, 2015

7 Tips For Moms When Your Spouse Travels For Work

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Whether you stay at home with your kids, or work during the day, life is just a BIT more complicated when your spouse travels for work. Suddenly, your parenting partner is unavailable during evening hours, and your kids are missing their daddy (all while YOU are missing your spouse!). A traveling spouse means you’re IT. You and the kids […]

December 5, 2014

It’s No Wonder That As Women, We Question What We Should Look Like – I Want Something Different For My Daughter (and Son)

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As yet another week ends with viral news spreads of a woman showing a little too much (and doing so proudly), I find myself frustrated with the world my daughter will grow up in. She is only one and a half, but already, I am concerned for her future self-image; body image, self-worth, and what attributes […]

November 14, 2014

Encouragement For The Weary Mama – JOY Comes In The Morning

I'm a Work in Progresss

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt like I failed at my job as a mom. After the kids went to bed, I sat with my husband, recounting the day, tears streaming down my face. I told him how I was still feeling just as helpless, ill-equipped, emotionally raw, and disrespected as I […]

September 26, 2014