We Don’t Have To Be Mom Enough

Faith, Parenting

There is freedom in admitting only God is enough. Then we can place our problems, and our children’s problems, in His capable hands. We stop living in reaction to circumstances, rest in His peace and hope in things unseen. As we trust God, seeking His will in our hardest circumstances, He gives new perspective of impossible problems. His eternal perspective.

January 9, 2019

White Knees and Blue Jeans…Finding Humor in the Reality of Mom Problems


Sometimes when my husband has been traveling, I have take too much time to think about random, silly things. And sometimes I decide to write about those things. This is admittedly one of those posts. Ok? Now lets talk about blue jeans. Don’t worry, I’m not claiming to be a fashion writer (no one would believe¬†that¬†anyway). What I am […]

August 17, 2015