Mom Problems: White Knees and Blue Jeans

Family / Monday, August 17th, 2015

Mom problems. The struggle is real when it comes to finding jeans that fit during the years of having children. Today, we can laugh together.

Sometimes when my husband has been traveling, I have take too much time to think about random, silly things. And sometimes I decide to write about those things. This is admittedly one of those posts.


Now lets talk about blue jeans. Don’t worry, I’m not claiming to be a fashion writer (no one would believe that anyway). What I am claiming to be is a mama with blue jean problems.

Mom Problems

Any mama knows just how inconsistent body weight and shape can be during child-bearing years. Both weight and shape change drastically, first with pregnancy, then while nursing, again when finished nursing. Add in varied dedication to eating well and working out and you’ve got a recipe for a clothing size roller-coaster.

For this reason, every pair of jeans I’ve owned over the last 5+ years are still in my closet; an impending avalanche of folded denim. All fit at some point but maybe just 1 pair fits WELL at any given time. Too bad one pair of jeans won’t get me through the week. This means I wear jeans that have some, well, problems.

Too tight, too low, too wide, too stretchy, not stretchy enough – what is a mama to do?

White Knees and Blue Jeans | As women, as moms, sometimes we need to embrace the messy reality of real life and look for the humor in mom problems. With little kids at home, I cannot keep my dark jeans dark - they constantly have white, worn out knees. #whiteknees #bluejeans #blue #navy #momproblems #mom #mother #kids #children #toddlerlife #toddler #momoftoddler #momlife #jeans #blue #white #humor #reallife

The nothing-fits-the-waist problem:

With my body shape, most jeans fit well everywhere but the waist. For the life of me, I cannot find pants that stay put! Does anyone else have this problem!? No one needs, or wants to see what these jeans should be hiding.

The belt-solution: Cinch it tight and sit in peace. However, it often causes pants to pucker. Sigh…as if any mama needs extra bulging in the tummy region…

The shirt-solution: Buy only tunic length shirts and tanks. Sit down because you’re covered. Literally.

The buy-jeans-every-month solution: Expensive! But if you must, commit to buying second-hand jeans – already washed and shrunk.  The only jeans that fit me now I snagged for $3 on clearance at Clothes Mentor. Be sure to keep the old, you may need them to survive the next round of the body-shape roller coaster.

The I-used-to-wear-heels problem

Before kids, I wore heels all the time and bought jeans long on purpose. Now, heals are rare. Why? Heels are hard on your back and even worse for a mama lugging a purse, diaper bag, and one or two children all at once (like a glorified mama pack-mule). Plus, bending down an extra 2 or 3 inches to reach a child’s hand…well, that’s gonna hurt.

If I do manage to find jeans that fit my waist, they are often too long. So, they’re now tattered and worn out on the bottom. Why keep them? I’d rather jeans be too long than show too much.

The hem solution: Tailoring length is a good idea. I’m not getting any taller so fixing the length will prevent the ripped-up-heel look. My jeans are already ripped up…be proactive people.

The white-knees problem

My favorite jeans are so dark they can stain other stuff and probably smell like indigo dye – less casual and seem to go with everything. They hide minor stains from dirty hands and faces that regularly gravitate towards mama legs like a bug to a light. But for the mama of small children, these jeans only look new briefly. The knees fade and will soon look starkly white against rich indigo beauty.

The never-wear-dark-jeans-around-kids solution: Oh wait, is there any other time to wear jeans? Oh, yeah…on a date some time, or girls night (yes, please). Wear already worn out jeans at home and save those unfaded dark ones for a special occasion (and hope they still fit) .

The dye solution: Check out what modern thrifter did to restore jeans with white knees. It should work. When I stop regularly crawling around and kneeling with children I plan to give it a whirl.

The embrace-it solution: Precious mama, if your knees are white, you’re doing exactly what you should be. Those white knees are a badge of honor. They tell of afternoons spent crawling after a giggling toddler (probably pretending to be some kind of animal), giving horsie rides, wrestling, tickling, rolling with laughter, and kneeling in prayer or to soothe an ‘owie’. White-knee problems are nothing compared to the joy of doing all that.

The comfort problem

A serious issue with jeans is they just don’t have the stretchy, knit goodness of leggings. Now don’t go thinking I’m saying leggings are acceptable substitutions for jeans; leggings are not jeans. Leggings require a very long shirt, a skirt, or that I’m staying home inside all day. Otherwise, you will find me crawling after a toddler in white knee-d, uncomfortable jeans and a tunic length shirt.

The  stretchy-jeans solution: Not my favorite look, but oh-so-comfortable.

The stay-at-home-so-you-don’t-have-to-get-dressed solution: Viable at least once a week. Your kids and husband may not agree.

The skirt solution: Summer means skirts and dresses…as long as you can figure out how to crawl around on the floor in one.

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The truth of it all

Although jeans may never fit just right, I think we can call agree that like most mama-problems, jean problems should be a badge of honor. Although our bodies have been through the ringer, every loose-waisted, uncomfortable, white-knee’d pair of jeans is worth it.

Your children won’t ever remember if your jeans didn’t fit quite right (except when they get old enough to tease you about ‘mom-jeans’).

They will remember YOU – kneeling to pray, soothe them, and talk face to face.

And, how you loved to PLAY with them.

Like you, they will fondly remember both of you giggling as you crawled after them, gave them rides and smothered them with tickles and kisses.

Wear those white knees proudly – and keep up the good work.

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