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Family / Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

This morning I woke up at 5 am to the sound of a screaming, teething, drooling one year old. Not quite what I had planned for the day.

Initially bleary eyed and annoyed, I decided to break my rule of no bottle during the night to see if she would go back to sleep. I should have known when I entered the room and she started giggling at my presence that even a warm bottle would prove futile.

One bottle, 30 minutes and plenty of rocking time later, I laid her down and she resumed her screaming; only now she was screaming “MaMa” (aka Don’t leave me).  Not wanting my son to wake up, I broke yet another rule and scooped her up and took her into my room to snuggle in bed. I didn’t really expect this amped up baby to snuggle, but figured it was worth a try.

For one rare hour, she snuggled up, talked quietly and sweetly, waving her feet and hands through beams of light streaming in through the blinds. She giggled, smiled and drooled excessively, soaking her shirt and part of mine. All she really needed was not to be alone as those teeth fight their way in.

Teething is a nasty business.

I found myself tired, wanting sleep, but blessed to have some special time with her, and snuggles (she is much too busy these days for snuggling). When she finally got squirmy and noisy, we ventured into her brother’s room and she ran giggling and screaming into the room to greet him.

I don’ know if there is anything better than watching two children, overjoyed in the morning as they reconnect.

Of course, today the joy of seeing each other again lasted about five minutes before my son was desperate for food. Today we ate breakfast quickly and since we were up earlier than normal, got ready quick to try to make it to the MN Zoo by 9 when it opened. A perfect escape since my husband had been traveling and we didn’t have any plans for the day.

The cooler weather this morning was perfect for exploring the outdoor trails, including the farm and new bug exhibit. My daughter fell asleep in the stroller at lunchtime (no surprise since she was up at 5), so my son and I wandered back through some of the outdoor exhibits instead of rushing home to get her down for a nap.

It is rare to have as this much high quality one-on-one time with each child in one day.

After 5 hours at the zoo, we returned home with one content but tired 3 year old, and a happy, well rested, teething 1 year old. A few snuggles on the couch and off to grandma and grandpa’s house for dinner and some time playing with their toys.

Today was one of those rare days where neither child cried, got in trouble, or yelled “MINE” at the other. I was privileged to watch two delighted, curious children enjoy animals and the beautiful MN weather. I haven’t cooked a meal all day, and welcome the change of walking instead of a p90x workout video.

When we got home our neighbor and her son were outside enjoying their new driveway (we live in a new construction neighborhood full of dirt piles and no grass). The kids played a bit and got to know each other while I got to know my neighbor. She is lovely and fun to talk to.

I am now sitting at home, both kids in bed, feeling pleasantly worn out and content. The zoo pass may be the best money we’ve spent all year. No matter how many times I take them there, they always have a nice time and say funny things.

As with the last trip to the zoo, my son’s favorite animal at the zoo was the huge cow peeing (yes, that is correct; a humongous bull was peeing…A LOT…again) and the big mechanical bugs (even though he was mildly afraid of them).  This child is ALL BOY.

Feeling grateful for this lovely day that started with an early morning wake up call.

Time to go to bed early because I’m sure to get another one tomorrow.

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