Dirt, Dirt, and More Dirt

Family / Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Is it totally weird that we are FINALLY getting sod to cover our dirt pile of a yard, and I’m already feeling nostalgic for dirt?

3 year old boy + dirt + shovel + bucket + trucks = PURE JOY

dirt2  dirt1

That dirt may be the best simple entertainment on this earth. Kids unruly? Sit in a camping chair, drink iced coffee and watch them get filthy in a dirt pile.

“Do NOT EAT rocks” is spoken to my 1 year old daily, but in general, she wants to clench one in each hand while she walks around. She stumbles about on the uneven ground, eventually dropping in uncoordinated fashion to play with a pile of dirt and pick up a couple of new rocks.

Clean pants do not exist here. The kids sit in the dirt, and enjoy going a couple feet up the hill and scoot down. Their giggles would make you think it is a roller coaster.

SO, there is dirt. Everywhere. In shoes, socks, pants, diapers, underwear, hair, you get the picture…All of THAT dirt is tracked into my house. It wreaks havoc on my floors and laundry.

My daughter sneaks into the mudroom when we forget to close the door and drags dirt covered shoes all around the house. She LOVES those filthy, stinky shoes.

I wish I could explain the volume of dirt that gets swept and mopped every day. It is never ending. Immediately after mopping, dusty footprints fill the floor again.

With all that mess, wouldn’t you think I’d be excited to get grass next week?

Don’t get me wrong, I AM excited to have a green lawn, but not so much to water it or keep my kids off of it while it takes root. At least I can provide some amusement to the neighbors when I lose the sprinkler battle and soak myself.

I am prepping to comfort devastated children when they realize their precious dirt play land is covered over in green spiky grass (neither of them are too keen on the texture).

Secretly, I am also prepping myself for the loss; dirt has been easy entertainment.


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