Parenting Strategies For Day-After-Fun Blues

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A fun-filled day is wonderful, but often leaves its mark on the next day – in a not-so-wonderful way. Parenting strategies for day-after-fun blues.

So Much Fun

The fourth of July this year was SO. Much. Fun!

Our neighbors rented a bounce house and we had a large neighborhood gathering with water, fun and food. Kids in swim suits were running freely between backyards.

It was a day of giggles, sun, water and all. the. FUN.

An amazing day ended with bug spray, glow bracelets and fireworks. Our kids were understandably exhausted at 10:30 and fell asleep quickly despite more fireworks just outside their windows.

I’m telling you – NOTHING could wake them. 

A fun-filled day is a wonderful thing, but some times it leaves its mark on the next day – in a not-so-wonderful way.

Fun’s Over

The morning went fine, but as the day continues, it becomes evident that everyone is still very tired.

Even this mama.

The next day melt-downs, pouting faces and complaining make one thing very clear. The fun is over.

We knew it was going to be this way. And we chose to have a non-stop fun day and make all the memories we could. We intentionally chose to encourage and celebrate the joy of being a kid in the summer in a neighborhood filled with kids.

You know what? It was worth it. No matter how hard today becomes.

We expected that today might hold challenges. And it has.

Life with littles is full of these challenges. We can’t prevent our kids from being tired after every fun event without stopping the fun before we’re done. Who wants to miss out on the fun?

But we can establish a game-plan to make the most of the Day-After-Fun Blues. What we need are some parenting strategies to get us through the next 24 hours.

Parenting Strategies For Day-After-Fun Blues

Sleep As Long As Possible

This is a no-brainer for older kids who love to sleep in. But for those of us with younger children, we know the sad truth.

A late bedtime does NOT mean small children will sleep in.

There is no guarantee small children will recoup any missed sleep, but we still need to try!

Older Kids – If your child can tell time, tell them to go back to sleep until a time of your choosing. Our son wakes up at 6, but stays in bed until 7.  When up late, he stays in bed until 8:30. Once in a while, he’ll even fall back asleep.

Preschoolers and Toddlers – We can tell kids who can’t tell time to try to sleep until we come get them.

Baby – No plan will make the baby sleep longer. But we can set conditions to promote sleep. Try blackout curtains, a noise machine and ensure they’ve had plenty of food and water during the day.

And, of course, pray all your children sleep as long as possible and don’t wake each other up.

Get Out Of The House

Tired siblings seem to get on each other’s nerves. When not on each other’s nerves, they tend to get bored. I suppose that can be true of tired adults too.

If possible, plan a low-key activity to get out of the house for a little while.

This morning our family got up and went to the Minnesota Zoo using our zoo pass. I realize some might not think this sounds relaxing, but for us it is. We go often, there’s no pressure to stay all day. When the kids seem tired or uninterested, we pack up and come home.

Not up for the Zoo? Head to the park, go on a walk, explore the library or skip meal prep and escape to a restaurant for a meal.


Older kids may no longer nap, but ALL kids can take a rest in their rooms.

Older kids may no longer nape, but ALL kids can take a rest in their rooms. #naptime #dayafterfun #parenting #thisgratefulmama Click To Tweet

At our house, all of the kids spend time in their room. Our older kids play quietly in their rooms or read books. Our son plays Legos and cars and our middle daughter plays with her doll house and dress up clothes. Once in a great while, one will fall asleep.

When everyone rests, you get a much-needed break.

Usually, the baby sleeps while this mama takes some time to write. But you could certainly take a rest too!

Practice Gratitude

We may will experience cranky moments.

When it happens, if possible, take time to recall the fun. Reflection promotes gratitude, and gratitude promotes an attitude change.

Discuss the best parts of the fun you had yesterday. Think fireworks, food or fun. Laugh about the funniest and weirdest things that happened.

If the kids seem to need an activity or something to keep them from bickering, pull out the paper and markers and have them journal or draw their favorite memories from the day before.

Be sure to praise their creativity and have them tell you all about what they created or wrote.

When The Fun Is Over - Strategies For Day-After-Fun Blues |

Plan A Quiet Evening

No matter how well the day goes, we all know tiredness increases as the day goes on.

It’s always wise to plan a low-key evening. Plan to have an easy meal and pick a few options to keep everyone happy. We often pick a movie, pull out a puzzle and offer to read a big stack of books. Our kids may pick one and them move around between the options when they get bored.

Distraction is often the key to a quiet evening when everyone is tired. Spending some quality time together with a simple activity can help keep calm until that glorious moment of bedtime.


When in doubt, remind yourself of how tired you are. Give yourself grace. Mom-guilt over your tired response won’t get any of you any closer to peace and calm.

It’s probably obvious, but remind yourself how tired those little cranky people are too.

Extend grace. Then extend some more.

Soft words, distraction and prayer will go a long way to overcoming the day-after-fun blues.

Soft words, distraction and prayer will go a long way to overcoming day-after-fun blues. #thisgratefulmama #parenting #momlife #speaksoftly Click To Tweet
Funs Over

Early Bedtime

When the going gets rough, keep looking ahead to today’s early bedtime.

Each of our children will hit their pillows at 7 pm tonight. Set the time and stick to it!

Tomorrow will thank you.
How does your family handle the day-after-fun blues? 

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6 Replies to “Parenting Strategies For Day-After-Fun Blues”

  1. We have a lot of the same philosophies. This was a great article and it’s nice to see that someone else understands the concept of grace. Shared this one on my Nakeytoes FB page and my Pinterest parenting board.

    1. Melissa, thank you so much! Grace is a hard thing and so important. We give it because we receive it first from God by the blood of Jesus. With that in mind, giving grace is easier because we have received far more than we will ever have to give! Thanks for stopping by and sharing this post. Excited to check out your site!

  2. I love this post. Especially about extending grace; our little ones don’t always understand cause and effect and we shouldn’t punish them for their lack of knowledge. The best we can do is show them grace and love and teach them how to manage situations like this. As much as we want them to just wake up knowing it, being tired is still a foreign concept for many kids.

    1. I agree so much with this. Especially the part about being tired. They don’t realize their behavior in the moment! Just like sometimes I don’t, tired or not and God is so gracious to me. We are certainly demonstrating Hus live when we give grace to them. Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. You are so kind. I do not always respond well but I am grateful we get the chance to learn from our mistakes and do better the next opportunity. Thank the Lord, His mercies are new every morning (or minute)! Thank you for encouraging ME!

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