When We Doubt God

Faith / Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

It’s hard to admit we doubt God. But doubt is a natural and healthy part of faith. God is ready and able to hear and heal our doubt.

Doubt Happens.

Have you ever struggled with doubt? For many years, I thought doubting God was unacceptable. I assumed doubting God meant my faith was useless and I might not even be a Christian.

These assumptions blinded me to doubts as I stuffed them, denying their existence.

Not only was the assertion of not doubting God untrue, the idea that doubt is unacceptable was also untrue. God gave us many examples of doubt in the Bible, and dealt graciously with them.

I’m learning doubt is a healthy part of faith. For all of us. We are all still learning who God is, and learning to trust Him. As we come across circumstances and ideas that don’t seem to line up with what we know of God, we doubt.

Our doubts reveal questions our hearts need God to answer.

Bringing Doubt To God.

Doubt happens.

Bringing our doubts to God opens our eyes to deeper truths He wants us to learn.

God already knows our hearts, and He already knows our doubts. Not only can He can handle our doubts, God is able to replace doubt with faith. He’s ready; He won’t turn us away.

As God addresses our doubts, He replaces lies and questions with truth. Because our doubts are intensely personal, the process of sorting them out with God cements truths into our hearts and minds, strengthening our faith and resolve to trust Go going forward.

God Reveals Our Doubts

If you’re like me, you may have doubts and not be fully aware of them. When this happens, God starts to bring truth to our attention, and begins to teach us what we need to know to address our doubt. Often, God is working in the area of doubt, long before we realize we need His help.

This is what happened to me the last time I studied the book of John at Bible Study Fellowship. For the entire year, one theme struck me over and over. John, disciple and close friend of Jesus, identifies himself as The one whom Jesus loved.

it felt new, even through I’d studied the book of John before. God’s timing is perfect. It took the entire year, but He finally revealed why this theme was so important to me.

To explain why, I need to give you the backstory.

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Circumstances Test Our Faith

Our third child was born in May of 2016. She, like our firstborn son experienced silent reflux symptoms and spent her first months writhing and screaming in pain. It was gut-wrenching and we felt helpless.


Unlike the first time around, we had experience. We recognized the symptoms and assumed we knew what to do. Our doctor agreed so she began reflux mediation.

But symptoms remained.

Long story short, we later learned our daughter had a tongue tie and lip tie requiring a simple surgery from a pediatric dentist. Once healed, she was able to eat without choking or gulping air. Her reflux was controlled with medication.

Life settled down. She no longer writhed in pain.

And we put it behind us.


Unresolved Doubt Lingers.

Well. Not quite.

My emotional distress over the issue lingered. I wrestled with why a child should endure such pain. And WHY it happened again to one of our children.

As feelings surfaced, I distracted myself. I reasoned – it was over, we had moved on. We had a healthy, thriving and now happy baby.

Lingering on what had been felt like the opposite of gratitude. And I was grateful she was feeling better.

So I ignored it. Stuffed it. 

Stuffed or not, my feelings were building to become more than just a little distress. Old, deep-seated emotions and pain from the first time when we watched a child struggle now mingled with the new these fresh new emotions.

Emotions Surround Doubt.

The old emotions had not lost their sharp, raw edge, even with the passage of time. (I’ve shared some about difficulties during my first year as a mom before. I’m not going to rehash it now but you can read about it here.)

The truth is, babies are born with all kinds of maladies and challenges – reflux is by far, not the worst. But when anything causes your child pain, it affects you deeply as a parent.

This time around, our daughter’s pain also affected our other children. They too coped with the stress of their sister’s pain and their parents’ attention being consumed by the baby.

Now, onto that doubt.

Doubt Won’t Stay Hidden

The last day of BSF is ‘sharing day’ – picture 500 women and an open microphone. Women share publicly what God has done in their lives through the study.

It’s amazing.

The morning was crazy and I was running late. As I slid into a row towards the back, I sighed with relief.

My plan was to just sit and listen to other women praise God for what He had done in their lives that year.

Then this funny thing happened. I kept having this strange thought that I needed to share. My heart started pounding and I thought – not in front of all these people.


If the Holy Spirit has prompted you to share something before, then you know exactly what I’m talking about, whether to one person or 500.

The heart pounding? It’s a THING.

Suddenly I’m scribbling notes with a pink sharpie on an old receipt – trying to get my thoughts in order before I head up front.

Several times in the study of John the topic of doubt came up. Each time, I quickly assessed myself (as in, not really) and pridefully said, of course I don’t doubt God!

He is who He says He is. Nothing is too hard for Him. His word is true and powerful. 

How could I doubt Him?

Just Like Thomas

The most famous example of doubt is in John 20. ‘Doubting’ Thomas is not with the other disciples when Jesus appears to them after the resurrection. Thomas does not believe the disciples account and wants physical proof – to touch Jesus’ wounds.

You guys, Jesus is so kind to Thomas. And He will be to us too.

He knew Thomas’ doubts and soon lovingly gave the opportunity to see and touch His wounds, without reprimand.

Thomas believes and proclaims, ‘My Lord and My God!‘.

God Will Reveal Our Doubt

During the lecture the week we studied Thomas, we were challenged to ask God to show us our doubts and bring those doubts to Jesus. It was so compelling, I began praying before we even left the parking lot.

It wasn’t long before it was clear that I did have doubt.

I never doubted that Jesus was ABLE to prevent our children’s pain.

I never doubted He was ABLE to heal them at any time. 

We prayed and prayed. Both children were healed in His unique way, and in His time. But not in OUR Time.

I doubted His love

For our son. And our daughter. For our family.

And for ME. 

We placed our hope and faith in Him in our distress and didn’t get the response we desired. Our prayers were bold. We trusted.

Even as we pleaded and cried out to Him while holding our sweet hurting babies. And for a time that seemed far too long, they kept on hurting.

And doubt creeped in.

God Is Faithful.

Looking back, I see God’s faithfulness. He carried us, sending help and comfort, even when it felt He was far away and unresponsive.

If I had read Thomas’ story at the beginning of the year, I would have likely ignored what it challenged me to see – I wasn’t ready to face my doubt. 

But God’s loving kindness is so gentle. Before He revealed my doubt, He impressed upon me that my true identity is the one whom Jesus loves. And how the same is true for each of our children.

It is no accident that all these feelings from our firstborn were stirred up and relived with our daughter, just before starting the study of John – the gospel of love.

God Prepares Us.

I will never fully comprehend on this side of heaven what God was doing when He allowed our babies to struggle. But He does show us glimpses of His work. I believe ONE reason He allowed this again in our life was to free me from the burden of doubt. 

Only after God had prepared me by showing me His steadfast love, did He reveal I doubted it. And carried around those feelings for the last 7 years.

That is long time to carry around doubt laced with pain.

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Freedom In Admitting Doubt.

So, tearfully but with unexpected boldness, I found myself speaking into an open microphone before 500 women proclaiming God’s love and confessing my doubt.

The God of restoration revealed my doubt, not to shame me, but to free me. He did it to redeem the part of my soul I had shut off from Him because it was shrouded in the fear that God didn’t really love us as I desperately needed Him to.

What a wonderful God we serve – who doesn’t leave us in our broken condition and continues to actively capture and heal our hearts! 

And He will continue to help us all break free from the broken things we harbor and carry around inside. There is freedom in admitting our doubts to God and others.

There is freedom in admitting our doubts to God and others. #thisgratefulmama #doubt #freedom Share on X

Today I stand in that freedom, knowing there will be other difficulties and hard things in my life and in the lives of our family that will challenge my faith and the truth of God’s word.

Doubt Will Happen Again.

Without a doubt, there will be other doubts. 

This experience has shown me how in the past I’ve judged Thomas for his doubt.

You know what? ‘Doubting’ Thomas gets a bad-rap.

We all encounter doubts. Walking with Jesus in the midst of a broken world means we are imperfect and incapable of imperfect faith. Doubt is reality.

There’s a little Thomas in all of us. When we claim to never doubt, we are deceived by our own pride. And we cause others to think they shouldn’t have doubts either.

There's a little Thomas in all of us. When we claim to never doubt, we're deceived by our own pride. And we cause others to think they shouldn't doubt either. #thisgratefulmama #doubt #faith Share on X

God Gave us Thomas’s Story On Purpose.

As with every Bible character, their examples of imperfection and God’s loving response is left there for people just like me. And you. I’m so thankful God included Thomas’ story in the Bible to encourage us in our doubt.

God kindly let us know John, one of the 12 disciples who walked side by side with Jesus here on earth, had doubts too.

Today I stand better equipped to handle new doubts because I have experienced firsthand how Jesus knows my doubts, before I do. He does not waste them.

God graciously prepares us to recognize our doubt. Then He lovingly walks us through the truth, teaching us who He is in a tangible way. He teaches us to cling to truth in the midst of uncertain circumstances.

He Isn’t Finished With Us Yet.

We can expect God to show up and gently use our doubts to strengthen and embolden our faith. He won’t stop drawing us closer to Him. This process of sanctification will continue until we are with Him and like Him in eternity.

What a gift! Completely undeserved. God loves us too much to leave us in our doubt.

I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6 (ESV)
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  1. I love this! So very true. I find myself feeling this way at times and it’s so good to be reminded that others struggle with doubt from time to time as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My daughter struggled with similar issues and boy it was hard! Thank the Lord He gave me patience and strength during that time. He teaches us to much about trusting Him through motherhood.

    1. He sure does. I have learned so much about myself, and about who God is and what selfless love really is. I honestly can say without Him I’m not sure how those years could be redeemed. But seeing His care and provision and how that time drew me closer to Him makes those years have both value and purpose.

  3. What a beautiful testimony, thank you for sharing your story with us. I especially loved this part: “He did it to redeem the part of my soul I had shut off from Him because it was shrouded in the fear that God didn’t really love us as I desperately needed Him to.” Beautifully stated!

    1. Thank you Sarah for your kindness and encouragement. Sometimes writing this stuff is scary-sharing the soul can be scary! But I am always so blessed by others who offer their views and experiences back. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. I’ve been struggling a lot with doubt lately, so this is very timely for me.
    I’m thankful that God uses a variety of ways to catch our attention and share His loving reminders with us. I’m stopping by from the Salt & Light linkup at flourishingtoday.com – blessings!

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